Exploration Kits

No Experience – No Problem!

Sign out one of our exploration kits and explore some fundamental skills by following step by step tutorials.

Current kits include:

snapcircuitsimgSnap Circuit – make a huge number of electronic circuits by snapping together electronic components.  Make a radio, create music, light lights and so much more .



Arduino Robotics Kits – grab a pre built mini mobile robot and learn to download and modify code to make it move and behave in different ways.



unoimgArduino Inventor’s Kits  – learn how to control lights, motors, sensors and more by hooking up and control simple circuits by downloading and modifying code onto an Arduino Uno.  (Arduinos have unlimited potential for exploration, innovation and invention)



piiconRaspberry Pi – Learn to use the original, single board $50 computer that is at the heart of many maker projects, including retro arcades, robots, webservers, security cameras, and many other home automated projects. It’s also capable of being used as a simple, full-fledged computer!